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25,00 EURO

The tour starts with the points gathered at the specified points. In the horse farm, he organizes tours for novices and master riders. The guests who come with the tour offer different alternatives to the multi-colored nature of the field. Utilizing the highly humorous nature options, it gives a different dimension to horseback riding, and routes can also be determined in the direction of special requests. The only qualities of the tours are that the riders, well-to-do riders, can be born with well-trained horses and enjoy riding. New horsemen or riders who have previously experienced negative experiences (at childhood) are provided with the opportunity to ride safely. Unforgettable experiences are possible on clear rivers and beaches, on fields and orange field roads, around mountain waters and lakes, on horseback. There are many sightseeing tours for children in the program. Whatever the tour, children always feel safe and constantly in custody. Horse riding in the forest is one of the most popular activities for children. Our guests can go on a tour with horses here, enjoy the nature, 1, 5 or 3 hours a day, on horseback.

We have three options: 

Just 1.5 hour round trip to the forest,

2 hour tour with Oludeniz view,

3 hour tour with Kayaköy views.

For children, we have Ponny type horses.

Including to Price;



*Free for 0-6 years, Half price for 7-12 years.

* A minimum of 4 participants are required for the tour to take place,

  • Tour Price 25,00 EURO
  • Child (6-12) 12,00 EURO
  • Infant (0-6)0,00 EURO

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