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The view of Saklıkent Canyon, the first stop of our tour, will fascinate you. Words are not enough to describe this extraordinary natural phenomenon; Saklıkent manages to amaze even those who have been here before. The 13-kilometer Saklıkent Canyon, formed by the snow melting at the summits of Akdağ and the abrasion of heavy rains for thousands of years, is actually a relatively young geological formation. You can go as far as your courage in the canyon, you can sit back and find peace on the riverside platforms, or you can do Ringo Rafting in the icy waters of the river by ringing boots, you can increase the adrenaline level by doing Zipline or Bungee Jumping (Ringo, Rafting, zipline and Bungee Jumping are not included in the price).

 The rich history of southwest Turkey, is not difficult to encounter at every step with something unusual in the ancient Lycian region, which has archaeological and natural resources. Tlos, one of the best preserved ancient settlements, is located on the southern skirts of Akdağ (also called Masisitus). Words are not enough to describe the ruins of Tlos, which the mother tenderly embraced. You will hear Pegasus and Chimera colliding on the castle hill (Acropolis), learn how the ancient Romans healed in the Roman bath-hospital, feel the atmosphere of the Olympic Games and gladiator games in the stadium, access the secrets of the Greek drama arts in the theater, among many different tombs in the old cemetery (Necropolis) you will understand the thoughts behind the desire to reach infinity. This delightful expedition tour, where you will learn Greek-Roman history and mythology, is as close as a 45-minute drive from your accommodation center. For a more enjoyable time, we also recommend you to read a little about the region before going on a tour.


 Visit to Tlos Ancient City

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* Under 6 is free. Half price is applied for children aged 7-12.

* A minimum of 8 participants are required for the tour to take place,

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